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Welcome Antigravity Batteries to the Inside Line Connect Family

Welcome Antigravity Batteries to the Inside Line Connect family!

If you aren’t already familiar with them, then make it a point to check out their products. Not only are they a leading manufacturer of aftermarket lithium ion batteries for your ride, but they also make a variety of other items to keep you rolling down the road. From Jump Starters to 4 in 1 LED flashlights to tire pumps to mini boom boxes…..they have you covered. Check out all the details at

Their newest addition will NEVER leave you stranded. Introducing their game changing Re-Start Battery. The RE-START function is essentially the world’s first built-in Jump Starter. Their one-of-a-kind RE-START Technology intelligently monitors its voltage and will put itself to sleep if it senses over-discharge, yet amazingly saves just enough reserve energy to start your vehicle. Simply press the RE-START Button located on top of the battery to start your vehicle and drive away. No need for Jumper cables, Booster Pack or assistance.

Get all the details in the video below.

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